Optometry General Information

An Optometrist is a general health care provider for the eye. They specialize in examining, injuries treating, managing eye diseases and diagnosing any eye condition.

There are many different eye conditions out there but the main ones are follows:

  1. Dry eye
  2. Glaucoma
  3. Astigmatism
  4. Conjunctivitis
  5. Acanthamoeba
  6. Diabetic Retinopathy
  7. Musculal Degeneration
  8. Blepharitus

Conditions of the eye range from very minor ones like dry eye, to things that need to be corrected and manages such as Astigmatism and some conditions are more serious, such as Diabetic Retinopathy. If you are having trouble seeing, pain, itching, headaches, blurred vision or other related symptoms it’s a good idea to consult a trusted local Optometrist.

People of different ages are also more susceptible to a different set of eye conditions, your eye care provider can also let you know what problems are most common for your age range and what you might need to look out for.

There are many different aspects of your life that can have an effect on eye health which many people do not consider. This that can help you care for your vision can include:

  1. Diet and Nutrition
  2. UV Protection
  3. Wearing contact lenses
  4. Sports
  5. How often you get your eyes checked
  6. Low vision
  7. Comprehensive vision testing

If you wear contacts, you are required to see an optometrist once every year in order to receive a new prescription.

Choosing an Eye Doctor in Richmond

Thanks for visiting optometrist Richmond VA, you are probably here because you are looking for a local eye doctor. Finding a good local eye doctor is not always easy and there are definitely some things to consider before making a decision. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.optometry eye chart

1. Get recommendations: Ask around and get advice from people you trust. Chances are they see an optometrist in Richmond or nearby area of Virginia too. Another good idea is to ask your family doctor, they tend to know other professionals and doctors in many different fields and may be able to point you in the right direction.

2. How long have they been practicing? As with most fields, and health fields in particular, its usually better to find an eye doctor who has a good amount of experience running their own practice. Don’t be afraid to ask how long they have been in business and what their qualifications are.

3.  Do they take your insurance? A good Richmond optometrist wont be much help if they don’t take your insurance. Always make sure the doctor accepts your insurance carried before you schedule an appointment. Again with health insurance for vision, don’t be afraid to ask how much it is going to cover for each procedure or optometry appointment before you have to pay up. Its never fun to be surprised with a medical bill for your eyes or any other type of doctor.

Make sure you read these tips about finding a good optometrist in Richmond Virginia and keep reading for more tips and recommendations for finding the right local eye doctor for your individual needs.